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Dr. William Kallfelz 

Personal Profile

After serving academia for more than two decades, in 2022 I left my university position to join my wife in her/our journey. Now, starting Kallfelz Academy, I am delighted to provide my expertise to assist with educational, scientific, and applied projects that serve students, educators, scientists, and tech innovators. I encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss how we can support you in achieving your project objectives. Let's collaborate to make a meaningful impact in our respective areas of focus.

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William Kallfelz Academic Expertise
William Kallfelz



University of Maryland, at College Park 


Department of Philosophy
Topic: Clifford Algebra, a case for geometric and ontological unification


Georgia Institute of Technology


Department of Mathematics

Topic: Discrete Mathematics


Emory University


Candler School of Theology
Topic: Systematic and Historical Theology


Georgia Institute of Technology


Department of Earth and Athmospheric Sciences
Topic: Atmospheric Dynamics and Physical Meteorology


Georgia Institute of Technology


Department of Physics
Topic: Semiclassical Methods and Quantum Information and Quantum Electrodynamics


Georgia Institute of Technology


Department of Physics
Topic: General Theoretical Physics

Work Experience

Since 2024

Kallfelz Education Services


Owner and Manager


Mississippi State University

Instructor of Philosophy and Religion

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies


New Mexico State University

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy


University of Central Washington


Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies


John Hopkins University - Center for Talented Youth Summer Program


Logic June-August, 2010– Loyola Marymount University site, Los Angeles, CA. 


Fast-Paced Physics (Sessions I & II) June-August, 2006-2009 – Skidmore College site, Saratoga Springs, NY.


Fast-Paced Physics (Session II) July-August, 2005 – Franklin & Marshall College site, Lancaster, PA.


Discrete Mathematics (Session I) June-July, 2004 –Roger Williams University site, Bristol, RI.

Selected Publications, Conferences, and Grants




  • Kallfelz, William M. Introduction to Religion: An Integrative and Intuitive Approach (electronic textbook). Dubue, IA: Great River Learning- August, 2019.                                                                                                              ISBN: 9781644960516



Papers, Articles (Published and Publicly Archived):


  • Kallfelz, William M., "Ontic Structural Realism , Information, and Natural Necessity: Where Naturalism and Analytic Metaphysics Can Find Common Ground,” (posted: June 4, 2013)

  • Kallfelz, William M., "Modal Rationalism and Constructive Realism: Models and Their Modality,” (posted: July 27, 2010)

  • Kallfelz, William M., "A Response to G.B. Bagci's 'Ghirardi-Rimini-Collapse Theory and Whiteheadean Process Philosophy',” Process Studies, Natural Sciences Focus Section, Pete Gunter, ed., vol. 38 n.2, 2009, pp. 394-411.

  • Kallfelz, William M., “Physical Emergence and Process Ontology,” World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, special issue on process thought and natural science, special editors: Franz Riffert and Timothy Eastman, vol. 65 issue 1, 2009, pp. 42-60.

  • Kallfelz, William M., “Methodological Fundamentalism: or Why Batterman’s Different Notions of ‘Fundamentalism’ may not Make a Difference” (posted: June 16, 2006)

  • Kallfelz, William M: “The History of Physics in Georgia” The New Georgia Encyclopaedia (online) published 9/01/2005

  • David R Finkelstein & W. M Kallfelz, “Organism And Physics,” Process Studies, Fall-Winter 1997, vol 26/ 3-4, pp. 279-292.

  • Kallfelz, William M., Process Studies (Book Review) “Sunny Auyang’s ‘How is Quantum Field Theory Possible?’” Process Studies, Fall-Winter 1997, vol 26/ 3-4, pp. 324-326.


Conference Presentations (international and regional):

Grants and Distinctions:

  • Forum Scientarum, Tuebingen University, Tuebingen, Baden-Wuettenberg, Germany-Participant and presenter, in the International Summer School on the Philosophical Hiistory of Space and Time, August 5-9, 2013


  • Fetzer-Franklin Fund, quantum praxiology research fund ($190,000) awarded March 24, 2008. “Logical Causality in Quantum Mechanics.” Research team: Dr. Michael Epperson (Philosophy of Science Specialist and Team Leader and Principal Investigator), Dr. Timothy Eastman (Space Physicist and Project Manager and Principal Co-Investigator), Dr. David R. Finkelstein (Senior Quantum Physicist), Dr., Henry Stapp (Senior Quantum Physicist). Consultants: Dr. Efstraitios Manousakis (Physicist), Dr. Jorge Nobo (Philosopher), Dr. George W. Shields (Philosopher), Dr. Mohsen-Shiri Garakani (Mathematical Physicist), William Kallfelz (Physics and Philosophy of Science). Research team homepage:


  • Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series (STARS) Research Planning Grant ($20,000), awarded June 15, 2007. “Quantum Physical Investigations into the Causal and Logical Orders and the Physical Basis of Possibility.” Research team: Dr. Timothy Eastman (Space Physicist and Project Manager), Dr. Michael Epperson (Philosophy of Science Specialist and Team Leader), Dr. David R. Finkelstein (Senior Quantum Physicist), Dr. Mohsen-Shiri Garakani (Mathematical Physicist), William Kallfelz (Mathematical Physicist), Dr. Henry Stapp (Senior Quantum Physicist).


  • Participant, Center for Quantum Studies, George Mason University, (Fairfax, Virginia). Worksop/Seminar: “Non-Locality in Quantum Dynamics,” hosted by Drs. Yakir Aharanov and Sandu Popescu, February 12-13, 2007.


  • National Science Foundation Grant Recipient; for attending IQSA 2004 (International Quantum Structures Association Biennual Meeting) meeting, held July 17-22, at the University of Denver, Colorado. 


  • Georgia Council of the Humanities: Commission to write “The History of Physics in Georgia” to appear in the on-line NewGeorgia Encyclopedia. Originally commissioned: March 1, 2003.


  • KIRA 2002/1998: Recipient, alumni fellowship (2002 conference). Recipient of graduate/post-graduate fellowship interdisciplinary program in sciences and humanities (held at Amherst College MA August 1 1998-August 15, 1998.)

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